My purpose is to help others achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible.  My interest in building community and working to benefit others has allowed me to spend time working with nonprofit organizations, small businesses and leaders.

Understanding the value of different perspectives and team dynamics allows me to focus on group behavior and performance.  One key factor to my success is getting everyone to understand their value and contribution to the process, thereby increasing satisfaction and involvement.  My work develops a common language and communication process that lead to success.


Finding people to guide you through development and growth in your organization and self is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why I offer a free consultation to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.




Alison’s hands-on experience refining missions, identifying strategies and developing best practices allows clients to examine and build a strong foundation for their work.  Alison’s talent for drawing out the true purpose of people’s motivations and actions connects people to a deeper inspiring force.

Her recent endeavor to understand the process of change and its impacts on individuals and organizations allows her to drill down through layers of habits and cemented mindsets to find the purpose and motivations that will propel others through needed change.

Alison’s skills were developed over the past 20 years through past work as a project manager focused on streamlining operations, consensus building, and leading new initiatives. Her leadership, organization and communication skills gained from working in a large organizations, nonprofits and with small businesses.  Her varied experience includes work with 501c3 and  501c6 organizations, National Governing Bodies and USOC, municipalities, and small businesses.


During her work, Alison found others who excel in their fields and who use their skills to benefit organizations.  From events, sponsorship development, finances, marketing and branding, the depth of their experience can broaden our area of focus and allow us to delve deeper in these areas.  Their expertise can range from providing recommendations to development of specific strategies and implementation of steps.


Carolynn’s passion allows her to focus on event strategy and planning for fundraisers and sponsorship solicitation. Carolynn also has a brilliance for numbers and empowering business owners around their finances and money. She has a down-to-earth approach of making sense out of the numbers and organizing transactions and is a wizard at creating systems that organize and track details. She is a natural born teacher and loves helping clients understand how to take charge of their business and life through money empowerment skills. She is so passionate about this topic, she started the Money Empowerment Project to help people explore and transform their relationships to money.

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With nearly 15 years hands-on experience developing, implementing and managing successful projects, Meisha works with clients to create branding and positioning strategies that engage with the target market.  Meisha focuses on cutting edge communications strategies utilizing authentic, engaging tactics.

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